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Basic Knowledge
What is Strain?   Strain gage measurement foundation
  The essence of measure a strain lays in measure a "stress", and this stress is the inner force……   The "Stress",means the inner force under external force influence……
Strain test in factory application? Why do we need strain test?
  Assembly and test processes like in-circuit test (ICT), cutting board, or final verification……   Take the PCB board as the example, in the assembly and test processes like in-circuit test (ICT)……
How to select strain test system? IPC/9704 foundation
  The key to choose a strain test system is select the right strain gage, data acquisition……   IPC (originally founded as the Institute for Printed Circuits and now known as IPC: Association……
The stick of strain gages  
  According to strain gage, glue preparation, use environment discrepancy, the stick method……
Product List
  StrainMaster is professional software for strain test and analysis, friendly user interface and flexible foundation. It can support……  
Analysis and Identify Damaging PCB Assembly and Test Processes Using Strain Gage Testing
  Stress-induced solder joint failure is one of the most common modes of printed circuit board assembly (PCBA) failures. Today……

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