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Professional Strain Measurement Software
StrainMaster is professional software for strain test and analysis, friendly user interface and flexible foundation. It can support all kinds of the strain gages, which user only need to do is the simple configuration with your strain gage parameters. Combining with data acquisition hardware, you can get the strain data results with engineering unit. Software also supplies the strain gage position RZ and calibration function.

After get records using your own strain gages, the software can do the powerful off-line analysis, which include strain analysis and mathematics manipulation according to IPC/9704 guideline document. And StrainMaster can bring test data, test result, and analysis diagram together, and generate Excel report automatically. Help to saving time with make intricate schematics. StrainMaster provide a completely and flexible software platform for acquisition, display, and analysis your test data.

Main functions

Parameter configuration:
Create new configuration, set up different config files with different test environments
Support different kinds of strain gages including uniaxial, biaxial (T style) and triaxial (rosette/ vertical angle)
Strain gage bridging connection configuration, half-bridge, full-bridge, quarter-bridge
Strain gage position configuration base on BGA component strain test
Allow setting up the strain gage parameters (strain factor, temperature coefficient etc.), use for real-time stress calculation
Automatic identification useful channels, provide correspond channel for choose conveniently
Save or save as all setting, convenient for load later on

Data acquisition:
Before acquisition, calibration all chosen channels to make sure data accuracy
Real-time display data diagram during the process of collecting, in order to observe strain & strain-rate change online
Observe digital value change to each channel online, to get the change information more precise
Save the strain & strain-rate data as you want, suit for strain test longtime record

Data off-line analysis:
Load the saved strain data information
Display one or some strain curves according to need, watch the details
Setting the PCB information, get the Strain & Strain-Rate diagram and judge whether it pass the test according to the IPC/JEDEC-9704 guideline
Save the diagram as jpeg form

Automatic report generation:
Load the saved test data
User can setting the test introduction, tested PCB description, strain gage type or resistance, measurement equipment and so on
You can choose one time test or the whole test to generate report
Choose one strain gage’s data to generate report
Choose one strain data parameter to generate report
Generate the whole Excel report in seconds, convenient for print and look over
The report contains user setting information, test result, all test data and diagrams and so on.

For all diagram, user-define display (chart, scroll bar etc.), including zoom in and out and coordinate accurate positioning
All calculate strain data according to IPC/9704 guideline formula
Powerful operational capability, integrate the mathematics tools such as the arithmetic function, logarithmic function, the trigonometric function, FFT spectral decomposition, curve fitting, statistical functions and so on.
Not bundle other software and install other toolkits

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