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Water Ingress Alarm System

Jumho has many years of experience in supplying monitoring and alarm systems in shipboard liquid levels. We provide a robust, reliable, simple to install and operate solution for this critical water ingress detection in cargo application.

System Overview
Water ingress alarm system has two parts:
Sensor: Water ingress sensors are solid state devices and normally provide a 4-20mA, 2 wire output which gives 4mA when the cargo hold is dry. Any water ingress beyond the permissible limits which is detected while the tanker is underway will immediately cause this output signal to rise triggering an alarm condition.

Central Alarm and monitoring system panel: Jumho Electric provides an easy-to-use panel to operator. Simplicity of operation is a key feature. The alarm messages are clearly displayed in front panel. And the user can press different button such as:'Reset','Function', "Test" and other conditions. Water ingress detection in cargo alarm conditions also trigger an internal relay which may be used to drive external remote mounted audible and visual annunciations.

A2210 water ingress alarm unit is mounted in the front panel of the cabinet.
Click here A2210 for detail information.

VAS1000 is widely used in tank and cargo ships.

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