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Valve Remote Control System

Valve Remote Control system is widely used in tank ship. Jumho Electric Valve Remote Control System represents experience, well-proven technology, and new up-to-date features. It can control up to thousands of valves simultaneously with easy-of-use PC human interface (HMI).
The VRCS 1000 is designed to meet the high demands of marine applications.
Valve control for tank, bulk, container
Valve status display and alarm monitoring
Integrated level measuring system

Control up to 500 valves simultaneously
Small, compact valve control hardware
Germanischer Lloyd Approval
CCS marine certification
Cost Efficient
Modular and Flexible
Safe and Reliable
Easy Installation

System Architecture
The VRCS 1000 is divided into four parts, the architecture is as follows:
Software: Human Machine Interface
Remote Display Unit
Solenoid Valve Control Cabinet

Software: human machine interface
Jumho Electric designed universal valve control system using graphical programming language and provide easily operations to different valves.

An alarm and event printer is connected with the computer for data logging. Software is based on high performance database design and printer can easily choose different report to print.

Remote display unit
Remote display units are distributed around the ship according to your specific requirements.

Solenoid valve control cabinet
The solenoid valve control cabinet receives control signals from the computer system which activates the solenoid valves. The cabinet consists of VCM08 and other I/O modules.

VCM08 is 8 channel remote valve control module using embedded technology, each module can control 8 solenoid valves separately and make total system very easy to connect or debug.

Modular and Cost Efficient
The VRCS 1000 is a module based system. The hardware is formed by HYPO series standard modules minimizing the spare parts and reducing cost for your ship.

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