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Supervisory Control And Data Acquisition Systemm
ControlMaster is a supervisory control and data acquisition (SCADA) system, which is a category of software application program for process control and gathering real-time data from remote locations in order to control equipment and conditions. ControlMaster can be used in marines, as well as in power plants, oil and gas refining, telecommunications, transportation, and water and waste control.

Supervisory Control and Data The hardware gathers and feeds data into a computer where ControlMaster is installed. The computer then processes this data and presents it in a timely manner. ControlMaster also records and logs all events into a file stored on a hard disk or sends them to a printer. ControlMaster warns when conditions become hazardous by sounding alarms.

Major Functions

Flexible and effective SCADA functions
Thousands of industry gallery controls for establishing industry pictures in short time
Build-in marine controls for establishing human-machine interface and monitoring system in short time
Seamless connectivity to Jumho Electric products; connectivity to PLC hardware through OPC or standard communication interface
One maintenance platform for various software and systems; easy update and technical support
Specialized sample programs and software templates for establishing system in short time
Convenient and friendly development environment; a large amount of graph templates and intelligent controls
Real-time data base to meet the need of high throughput and real-time data
Real-time curves for dragging and zooming; a variety of color combination
Advanced alarm and information management; unlimited dormant period setting, alarm screening and remote alarm managing
Historical database for long time recording
Full functionality of ActiveX controls; latest Windows controls, animations and graphic templ
Powerful script and event editors
Windows 2000, NT-based platform
Plug-and-play and COM technology to facilitate integration of third party software
Safe container to avoid ActiveX control failures
Full functionality of OPC client and server modes
Standard SQL or ODBC API interface to facilitate integration of relational database
SQL integrated installation
Connectivity to third party database
Animation wizard, intelligent graphic generation wizard to facilitate system development
Hot key editor
User-defined menu
Recipe workflow guide
Tag group editor to save time of establishing monitoring point
Dispatch processor for time-based or event-based triggering and task processing foreground or?background
Enhancing Windows 2000/NT user-level security
Chart object and trend show tools
Exporting data to relational database and generating reports
Embedded Crystal Report
Accessing real-time data through Web
Voyage Data Recorders (VDR) interface
User rights management
Troubleshooting alarm
Operator logging

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