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General Descriptions:
IPTV Set-of-Box test system is general audio/video test system for IPTV RCA signal output.
This system has these features:
Based on high-speed, high resolution data acquisition board from National Instruments. It can support all video and audio parameters testing.
High speed, 3x than traditional video analyzer and audio analyzer
Cost down. Traditional video analyzer is expensive and difficult to adopt in factory pipeline
Easy-of-use software interface

System Overview:
Video Specification:
Bar Amplitude
Signal-to-noise ratio
K factor
Chroma gain inequality
Chroma delay inequality
Chrominace AM/PM noise
Differential Gain&Phase
Chrominance non-linearity
Sub-carrier frequency
Audio Specification :
Output level
Inter-channel phase
Inter-channel level
Inter-channel cross talk

Successful Story:

Large IPTV set-to-box EMS company already introduced this system.

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