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GSM RF Interference Test System
Cell phones and other wireless devices radiate powerful electromagnetic fields that can cause interference and noise in microphone signals. The interference and noise is called RF interference, which is an unwanted “signal” that occurs at the same time and frequency as a data signal. The RF interference disrupts the flow of data and degrades quality-of-service. Jumho Electric provides a cost-effective RF interference test system for GSM interference level measurement of wireless microphone.

Test Principle

Jumho GSM source generates GSM signals in different strength levels and cause interference with a test product. The test product connects and output audio to an NI audio grabber. The audio grabber analyzes and qualifies the RF interference.

Test Project

GSM interference level
Data logging
Parameter setting
User management
GSM source, transmission power up to 27 dBm
Audio acquistion board for microphone

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