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Business Overview
In an increasingly fierce global competition, companies must be able to get their products to market quicker and cheaper in order to gain market share. Jumho Electric designs innovative product platforms for you to achieve maximum efficiency of product development and use.

Industry Automation
We supply various advanced products for industry automation, including ControlMaster, remote data acquisition modules, human-machine interfaces (HMI), industry personal computer (IPC), and sensors, to help engineers to build systems better and faster.         

Marine Electrics
The ocean is one of Earth’s most valuable nature resources. The resource development requires ships. We provide automotive marine electrics and solutions for customers all over the world to monitor marine data and ensure driving safety.         

Test & Measurement
With years of experiences in data acquisition and signal process, we provide specialized products and solutions for test and measurement, in terms of strain analysis, acoustic test, modal analysis, structural mechanics, and vibration analysis.

Medical Equipment
We are a medical solution provider with core competence and innovative strength in diagnostic and therapeutic technologies. We offer rehabilitation robot and gait analyzer for you to improve efficiency and accuracy of patient care.

Automotive Electronics
We are an ISO/TS16949-certified company. We develop and manufacture automation electronic control units, such as automotive air conditioning controllers, and vehicle body control modules.

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