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AudioExpress Software
Professional Audio Test and Analysis Software
Audio Engineering is facing great pressure with the increasingly stringent standard and ever-lowering product prices. Customers are expecting more and more cost-effective audio products with ever-improving design and higher quality. Shorten the time of engneering development becomes chanllenge of this industry. AudioExpress can meet the needs of this market.

AudioExpress contains a full range of audio solutions, including acoustic experiment, electro-acoustic analysis, environmental test, advanced signal processing, report generation, and data sharing.

Various acoustic tests, flexible test processes
Building test system rapidly
Traditional audio test using amplitude, frequency response, distortion, crosstalk, and signal-to-        noise ratio
Advanced audio test using multiple tones, chirp, wavelet, and envelope
Virtual instruments: oscilloscope, spectrum analyzer, wavelet analyzer, octave analyzer
Polarity analysis, abnormal sound detection, and time-frequency analysis (JTFA)
Bias compensation; frequency response, speaker and microphone calibration
Controlling stepper motor and relay
Report generating and database saving
Working with Windows XP, 2000, and Vista

Electro-acoustic product test: amplifier, headset, cell phone, speaker, microphone, MP3
Electro-acoustic laboratory testing
Production line Audio Testing
Noise and acoustic analysis, abnormal sound test

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