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Data Streaming System
Data streaming is becoming more and more important. PC users need faster storage and more details. Jumho Electric data streaming system acquires and stores raw data in high speed for transfer or later analysis.

Storage data directly to a hard disk in high speed without any loss
High capacity hard disk RAID array, 600 MB/s bandwidth,no storage file size limit
Continuous logging waveform as data files for post processing
Playback control: backward and forward, next and previous, pause, play and stop
Playback speed setting - 0.01×,0.1×,0.5×,1×,2×,5×,10×,100×; arbitrary start and end time specification

High-speed and high-density simultaneous acquisition
Powerful and flexible record and playback functions
Data sharing
Recommended Configuration Systems
AudioExpress – audio test system
SignalPad – sound and vibration measurement software

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