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Psyacoustic Test System
Psychoacoustics is the science of the relationship between physical quantities of sound and subjective hearing impressions. To examine these relationships, physical parameters, such as loudness, sharpness, roughness, fluctuation strength, are mapped to hearing-related parameters. Unlike the physical quantities, these hearing-related quantities – also referred to as psychoacoustic parameters – provide a linear representation of human hearing perception. The psychoacoustic test system, with interactive interface and user-friendly operations, analyzes psychoacoustic parameters effectively and conforms to the international standard ISO 532 Part B.

Loudness: more accurate than traditional A-, B- and C-weighting scales
Sharpness: high frequency component test of 1/n octave bands
Roughness: modulation amplitude testing, complied with Aures models
Fluctuation strength: historical sound pressure calculation

Improves psyacoustic tests
Objective evaluation of subjective voice quality
Easy module and parameter setup to facilitate debuggin
Combination of real-time analysis and historical curves

Vehicle sound quality analysis
Marine sound quality analysis
Household electric appliance sound quality analysis
Consumer electronics sound quality analysis

Recommended Configuration Systems
SignalPad – sound and vibration analysis software
AudioExpress- audio test software
Data streaming module

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