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Microphone Array System for Noise Source Identification
Noise source identification of large-scale machinery is a tough issue. If you don’t know the noise source, you cannot find out methods of improving you products. Microphone array, or acoustic camera, is an advanced technology for noise source identification in steady, non-steady, motion, or rest state. A microphone array system can display noise source distribution in real time, and identify the locations of noise source inside the equipment.
Main Fuctions
Different microphone arrays including cross array, spiral array, ring array, and user-defined array
Spatial filter, time or spatial geometrical techniques including TDOA,GCC,SDBs
Real-time display of noise source distribution in different frequency ranges
Offiline analysis and display
Practical effect diagram

Rapid and accurate noise localization
User-friendly operation to reduce experimental difficulties
Aircraft noise localization
Vehicle noise analysis
Marine noise analysis
Large machinery noise source localization
Noise test of daily necessities and household electric appliances
Recommended Configuration System
SignalPad - sound and vibration analysis software
AudioExpress – audio test software
Data streaming module

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