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Sound and Vibration Measurement Software Platform
SignalPad is a high-speed, multichannel system for data acquisition, test, analysis, and report generation. SignalPad can connect seamless to LabMaster subsystems, such as signal streaming system, 1/n octave analysis system, rotating machine order analysis system, microphone array system for noise identification, psyacoustic test system, torsional vibration analysis system, and sound power test system.

You can use SignalPad in applications of acoustic automobile, aerospace, structural design, transportation, marine, architectural acoustics, environmental acoustics, psyacousitcs, sound quality, noise reduction and other areas.

Multichannel and multi-signal acquisition, sensor parameter setting, unit conersion
FFT spectrum display: Hamming window, Hann window, exponential linear weighting, amplitude and power spectrums, average peak, power spectrum peak automatic detection
CPB octave analysis: fast, slow, and pulse
Joint time-frequency analysis: color map, circular and waterfall-like plots
Report generation of Word and ASCII
Off-line analysis, multi-view display, arbitrary custom page
Curve playback control
Efficient NVH test platform
Powerful signal processing, latest signal processing algorithms
User-friendly human-machine interface

Recommended Configuration Systems
Signal streaming system
1/n octave analysis system
Rotating machine order analysis system
Microphone array system for source identification
Psychoacoustical test system
Torsional vibration analysis system
Sound power test system

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