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Modal Analysis System
Modal testing is a form of vibration testing of an object whereby the natural modal frequencies, modal masses, modal damping ratios and mode shapes of the object under test are determined. A modal test consists of an acquisition phase and an analysis phase. The complete process is often referred to as a Modal Analysis or Experimental Modal Analysis.

Modal analysis determines the vibration characteristics of a structure in a specific frequency rang, and therefore forecasts actual vibration of the structure affected by some external and internal source of vibrational energy. As a result, the modal analysis theory and technology is very important in evaluation of structural dynamic design, fault diagnose and state monitoring.

Flexible settings of sensor types, engineering unit, sensor sensitivity, ?and number of degrees of freedom of acquisition channels
1000 synchronization response of test and analysis
Frequency response function calculation of SISO (single input, single output), SIMO (single input, multiple outputs), and MIMO (multiple inputs, multiple outputs)
Identifiable parameter: natural frequency, damping, modal shape, modal mass, stiffness, modal participation factor, transfer function
Windows function settings, including rectangular and exponential
3D model construction, animation display, model structure imported form UFF or ASCII file format
Frequency domain operational deformation shape (ODS), time domain ODS, mode shape animation, interactive sweep, dwell or static displa
Multi-degree-of-freedom (MDOF) Frequency Domain Polynomial Fit (FDPI) method, Least Squares Complex Frequency Domain method (LSCF), Stochastic Subspace Identification method (SSI)
Comparative analysis of real mode and complex mode, modal assurance criterion (MAC) and cross modal assurance criterion (cross MAC)
User-defined Microsoft Word report generation

Powerful analysis functions
High cost-efficiency
Flexible and customizable features

Aerospace industry
Automotive industry
Marine industry
Home appliances
Research institutions

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