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1/N Octave Analysis System
The octave is such an important frequency interval to the ear that so-called octave band analysis has been defined as a standard for acoustic analysis. Jumho Electric 1/N Octave Analysis System gives 1/1-, 1/3-, 1/6-, 1/12-, 1/24-octave frequency resolution, and provides a powerful, easy-to-use platform.

Conforms to IEC 1260 specification for type 0 pass-band filters
Real-time and offline 1/n octave analysis
FFT narrow-band analysis of steady state, transient condition, and rotational speed (rpm)
Time-domain frequency weighting, optional A, B, C, Lin weighting filters
Sound level meter complying with IEC61672-1
Efficient noise and vibration assessment
Contorms to international standards, professional and rapid
Real-time parallel processing and analysis mode
Flexible data recording, resource sharing, and data post-processing
Recommended Configuration System
AudioExpress – audio test software
SignalPad – sound and vibration analysis software
Data streaming module

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